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Since WHIIZPLACES has been built on friendships and relationships, 

let me begin by introducing myself !




A Parisian in London

First of all, you should know that before being called Mrs WHIIZ, my family and my friends used to call me Marie BRIENS and even before, Marie MILLIER.

Mother of 2 children and business start-up oriented, I am a French foodie who moved to London from Paris in 2015.

As Mr WHIIZ and I love dining out often, I quickly realised how difficult it is to make a last minute restaurant reservation in London.


I have decided to change that and put spontaneity back into social outings.


To do so, I first launched WHIIZ PLACES in January 2019 within my inner circle of friends. Soon after, I expanded the service to my friends' friends who also wanted to benefit from WHIIZ services and Instant Bookings in particular.

Thanks to their great word of mouth I created a Club which now includes more than 250 international foodies with similar taste who happily follow WHIIZ suggestions.

The Dining Scene in London is no longer a secret for me 

I am now ready to expand WHIIZPLACES offerings, and welcome new members.

I hope you will enjoy my recommendations which are either based on my own experience or recommended by one of my trusted club members. A good thing to know about me : I am much more an epicurean than the Michelin Guide Food Critic type. I pay as much attention to the "cuisine"as I do to the atmosphere and the interior design.

3d render of cafe bar restaurant nobody
Ancre 1
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